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Welcome to Allison's Texas BBQ!
Established 2010

About Us

Authentic BBQ

 Founded in 2010, Allison's Texas BBQ is a family owned and operated restaurant and catering business located in East Mesa. Straight from the Lone Star State, this authentic Texas style BBQ is sure to have you asking for seconds so you can lick your fingers twice. Dedicated to serving mesquite smoked barbeque meats and homestyle sides, Allison's Texas BBQ also prides itself on excellent service and a friendly staff. Come on in to find out why the word is spreading about Allison's Texas BBQ!


 Ask us about catering your event! We customize orders to fit your party, wedding, business lunch, or family get together. 

Being a family owned business,we  will make sure your business meal is done right.  The food at a catered business lunch can set the stage for a productive business discussion, or it can be a non-event that adds very little to the meeting.  Let us show you how our catering will set you up for a great business meal!